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AT&T Hiring 70 Employees for Call Center and Retail Sales in Missouri

AT&T has announced it is launching a new hiring round at its call center in order to find retail sales and call center representatives in the Springfield, MO, area.

Qualifon Opens Call Center in Texas

While there are some communities that are having to deal with a call center in their area shutting down, other towns are welcoming a business that is looking to add to its workforce.

Direct Energy Set to Establish a Call Center in Ohio

A post from The Business Journals websitesays that Direct Energy is seeking to build a new call center in the Dayton, OH, area.

Call Center Hiring is Picking Up

Call center jobs are back in the US after almost a decade of outsourcing to low-cost destinations such as India and the Philippines, as U.S. companies now understand the importance of customer interaction.

Verizon Wireless Announces 260 New Call Center Jobs in Arizona

One of America's largest wireless service providers, VerizonWireless, has announced that it will soon open up 225 customer service positions in Phoenix-area stores and the company's Chandler call center.

NOVO 1 Hiring 135 for Call Center Jobs in Michigan

NOVO 1, an inbound and outbound call center with workforces located in Michigan, Montana, Texas and Wisconsin, is looking to hire more people.

Sacramento Call Center Market Seeing a Boost

The call center market can be a fickle one, but in quite a few locations around the country, it appears that call center hiring is actually on the upswing.

Comcast to Hire More Call Center Employees in Attempt to Retain Customers

Facing increasing competition from Internet-based television content providers like Hulu and Netflix, Comcast Corp. is adding more call center employees to focus on improving its customer retention efforts.

Contact Center Work Likely to Be One of the Careers of the Future

While a career in the call center may not be glamorous as a green technology guru, it's increasingly a great option for a reasonably well-educated American who doesn't want to run up a quarter of a million dollars in student loans.

U.S.-based Call Center to Hire up to 1,000 Workers in Philippines

A new U.S. based call center is expanding its company into the Philippines. This announcement means hundreds could find themselves with a job within weeks, while a percentage of the profits remain in U.S. hands.

Sitel Looking to Expand Canadian Call Center Staff

For Sitel in St. Catharines in Canada, there has been enough success that the company is expanding its call center staff by more than 500 people in the next few months.

Is Contact Center Agent Pay on the Rise?

Call center companies are realizing that the quality of customer support they offer matters if they hope to avoid losing existing customers and attracting new ones.

'Let's Go to the Video': Hiring Improves by Going Virtual

Years ago, I interviewed for a senior writing position at a major trade organization. The final step in the process was me facing five of my potential workmates in a conference room, with the panel on one side of a big table and me on the other, while they fired questions at me almost without interruption.

Louisiana Call Center Starting Small and Looking to Expand

The Avercom Virtual Solutions call center opened in Louisiana recently, and hired 23 members of the town with the hopes of adding many more over the next few months.

Perfetta Launching New Call Center in Georgia

Perfetta recently announced expansion to a 30,000 sq. ft. contact center facility in Duluth, Ga. The company aims to provide a wide range of customer retention, customer support, sales, and technical support expertise.

Closing Contact Centers Isn't Evidence of the Decreasing Importance of the Phone Channel

The telephone still remains customers' first choice for solving problems and issues with companies. Other channels are supplemental, but they are generally NOT replacing the telephone.

ServiCom Looking to Add Staff at Rockford Call Center

ServiCom announced last week that it has managed to get enough business that its current staff won't be enough to handle the work load at its Rockford, Ill, call center.

'Yahoo!' Indeed: Online Giant Sees Expansion, Hiring at Call Center

Town officials in upstate Lockport, NY have reason to celebrate this week, as Yahoo sought and was granted permission to expand its growing facility and call center on a city campus there.

HireIQ Enhances InterviewIQ; Adds New Video Interviewing Features

HireIQ Solutions, a company specializing in predictive analytics and virtual talent acquisition solutions, has been contributing to improving the recruiting process to a great extent.

Five Ways to Improve Contact Center Hiring

By some measures, turnover at contact centers can be as high as 60 percent. That's definitely going to keep the contact center busy with hiring new people.

First Call Resolution Expanding Oregon Workforce

First Call Resolution company has said that it is desperate for people who are looking to get a good job, and wants to hire about 150 by June.

Columbus, Ohio, Looking To Add ContactUS Call Center

. Some communities have gone out of their way to be friendly to the call center market specifically because they understand that with new call centers come hundreds of new jobs.

Alorica Recruiting 100 New Employees for Georgia Call Center

With assistance from the Georgia Department of Labor, telemarketing company Alorica sought to recruit 100 sales and service representatives for its Cobb County call center.

Convergys Partners with Veteran Recruiting to Secure Employment for Veterans

Convergys Corporation (CVG) recently announced that it will be partnering with Veteran Recruiting to help veteran's secure meaningful employment.

New Costa Rican Call Center Looking For Bilingual Employees

The Results Companies has announced that it is looking for bi-lingual employees to stock its new 1,500 square-meter call center facility in Costa Rica.

Indianapolis Call Center Focusing On Hiring Veterans

With the United States having been at war for the better part of the last decade, there tens of thousands of veterans coming home to find an economy that can't support them finding a good job. One company is helping.

Multi-faceted Company MTM is Set for Call Center Expansion

MTM Inc., a healthcare and transportation company, has announced its plans to expand call center operations in Pulaski, Va.

Ibex Global Looking For 250 New Call Center Employees

The Ibex Global call center in Charleston, WVa, is entering a massive hiring phase that the company says will lead to a total of 250 new jobs.

TPG Telecom to Hire College Grads for Philippine Call Center

TPG Telecom Limited, an Australian telecom and IT company, has decided to increase hiring for Orchid Cybertech Services Inc., its Philippine contact center, by recruiting local college graduates.

Delaware Offers $1 Million Call Center Job Creation Grant to Springleaf Financial

Delaware is hoping to lure Indiana-based financial lender Springleaf Financial Services to the state by offering the company a $1 million-plus grant to create 210 call center positions.

Lewiston Call Center Employees Anxious to Get Started

Sometimes the call center market is so robust that the people who open new centers can get taken unawares. Such is the case with one call center owner who just set up his business.

Call Centers Are on a Hiring Frenzy

As the Great recession continues to fade, job creation and growth is being seen across many sectors in the U.S., and one such sector is the call center industry.

PanAsiatic Generates 4,000 More Call Center Job Positions for Expansion in the Province of Negros Occidental

The Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) reported 2013 as another upbeat year for the call center industry; the call center outsourcing business continues to rise, and companies are still looking to hire Filipino operators for their contact centers. The same gain occurred last year where the sector grew about 20 percent against the growth target of 15 percent, as reported in March of this year on the website of Big Outsource, Makati, Philippines.

Call Center Company Opens New Center With 300 Jobs

Call center and customer relationship management company OneTouch Direct is opening a call center in Orchard Park, New York, that will bring up to 300 jobs to the area.

GM Insources Call Center Operations, Opens Customer Engagement Center

General Motors has decided to insource its call center operations and manage them as a core part of the business, bringing hundreds of call center jobs to the United States.

Skybridge Americas Opens Twin Cities Call Center

Skybridge Americas, a call center and product fulfillment company, has announced that it has opened a new call center near Minneapolis which will add nearly 200 jobs to the region.

AT&T to Create 20 New Jobs at Amarillo Call Center

AT&T, a worldwide provider of IP-based communications services to businesses, has announced that it will soon hire 20 new candidates to manage its leveraged services in its Amarillo, Texas, call center.

New Call Center in Arizona to Hire 800 Agents

While many companies are still struggling to break free from the economic woes inflicted by recession, the call center industry is thriving with activities. There has been significant rise in call center jobs over the past several months in the U.S.

TD Insurance Announces New Call Center Hiring Round

TD Insurance is jumping with both feet to grow its contact center. The company is following in the footsteps of other companies that have had to increase their employee rolls, and will add more than 275 jobs by the end of 2016.

Why You Might Want to Consider Call Center Hiring Through Video on Demand

The call center hiring process is one that can be not only daunting, but also rewarding. If you're searching for the right approach to bringing on talented individuals, don't waste time with methods that don't work.

Are Supervisors the Cause of Your High Turnover?

Employee turnover: every company has to deal with it and every company has to pay for it. In some cases, it's good to weed out those who do not have the greater good of the company in mind.

Sitel's St. Catharine's Call Center Looking for More Employees

Sitel has said that the need for more call center workers is the culmination of continued growth and success throughout the company, so it is adding 125 jobs in St. Catharines, Canada.

Sallie Mae to Hire 200 for Its Expanded Muncie Call Center

Sallie Mae continues to invest in Muncie, IN, opening its doors to the public this week to show a $5 million expansion to its call center, and to look for new workers.

Governor Turns "LePage" for Job Creation

Though most would argue that much work still needs to be done to revamp the economy, Governor Paul LePage has been doing his part for the cause. The governor visited St. John Valley in Maine last week, attending the grand opening of the state's newest call center, from which 90 jobs emerged. This development reflects LePage's job creation policies since his time in office.

Hinduja Global Solutions Grows, Seeks to Create 500-Seat Call Center in Winnipeg

Hinduja Global Solutions Canada Inc. is in the midst of planning a job fair in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to see if there's demand for a 500-person call center.

Tulsa Has Built Itself into a Call Center Mecca

While the country has not completely recovered from the economic collapse of 2008, there are some markets and some areas that are seeing a bit of a boom. Tulsa, OK, is one such area.

Call Centers Turning to Paper and Pen to Enroll People in the ACA

The massive issues that have popped up with the Affordable Care Act means people have turned to a more "old school" approach when it comes to signing up for the new insurance programs offered.

San Diego Call Center Focusing on Hiring Military Veterans

As the call center market in general continues to grow, more centers are starting to specialize in who they hire and why. A Kearny Mesa call center near the San Diego, California, area is focusing on providing jobs to military veterans.

Call Center Hiring Thanks to Catamaran Corp.

In Indiana, the economy of Jeffersonville will be getting a boost, thanks to Catamaran Corp., which has announced that it will be opening a pharmacy facility call center.

Humana's New Mail-Order Pharmacy Will Call For More Humans

Humana, a managed health care company that markets and administers health insurance, has opened its mail-order pharmacy call center and support operations in Texas.

Washington State Call Centers Inundated Due to Healthcare Exchange Woes

The Washington State-run health insurance exchange set up in compliance with the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is facing twice as many calls than it anticipated, and is rushing to hire additional call center operators to fill demand.

Sutherland To Create 600 Call Center Jobs in South Carolina

Sutherland Global Services, a global provider of business process and technology management services, is opening a call center in Fort Mill, SC, bringing 600 jobs over the next three years.

Philippines Long Distance Telephone Launches Cloud-based Contact Center Solution

The Philippines Long Distance Telephone Company, through its corporate enterprise arm PLDT ALPHA Enterprise, has launched what it's calling the country's first cloud-based contact center service.

Test New Hires with Telephone Interviews

By interviewing call center candidates over the phone, hiring managers can make an early read on how well the agent will speak clearly, courteously and intelligently on phone. It can also be a great preview of their phone skills.

Firstsource Bags Several Awards as it Turns 7

At the European Call Centre & Customer Service Awards, Firstsource received the Best Outsourced Partnership award for its partnership with BSkyB. Two other awards that Firstsource won in recent times are Employer of Choice in the BITC awards and Innovative Employer with The Irish News Awards.

Increased Call Center Job Opportunities in the US

Call centers have evolved tremendously in the last few years and the future of call center jobs is promising considering the ever-evolving consumer who seeks a better, faster and more convenient customer experience to compliment modern functions like ordering online or utilizing call center services to access personalized information.

Call Centers Offering More Opportunities for Physically Challenged Employees

Despite quite a few challenges to the market, call centers are finding newfound success in recent months. One of the ways in which these call centers have managed to keep being productive is by offering up jobs to anyone who is qualified.

Obamacare Call Centers Going Through Growing Pains

A recent spate of government hiring has come from the need to staff call centers that provide information on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and since the call centers are brand new, they are facing a host of growing pains.

Work from Home Customer Support Professionals Needed

New Beginning, LLC is currently looking for customer care representatives who are willing to work from home.

Jobs, Donations and All-Around Love from a Customer Management Solutions Company

CustomerContactChannels (C3), a Florida-based customer management solutions provider, and Angel's Hands Foundation, a nonprofit based in Salt Lake City, Utah, have paired up to create jobs and get charitable funds rolling in.

Alliance Data Helps Struggling Rio Rancho Economy with Call Center Jobs

Rio Rancho, New Mexico (located just outside of Albuquerque), is about to have its economy buoyed, thanks to Alliance Data, which has announced that they will be hiring 160 new employees by the end of 2013 and an additional 400 employees by the end of 2014.

HireIQ Solutions Receives $1.5 Million Investment from TechOperators

HireIQ Solutions says it has squared away some big funds after its recent rounds of investment searches.

HireIQ Solutions Raises Nearly $1.5 Million in Additional Round of Venture Funding

HireIQ Solutions, a major player in predictive analytics and virtual talent acquisition solutions for customer-facing organizations, has raised nearly $1.5 million in additional round of venture funding.

Contact Center Delivers Jobs When Needed Most

The contact center industry has enjoyed 18 consecutive quarters of employment growth, dating all the way back to the fourth quarter of 2008, according to Saddletree Research.

Milestone Technologies Brings New Call Center Jobs to Chico

For those who are technologically inclined, there are new call center jobs available in Chico, California.

Covered California Call Centers Prepare for Launch of Affordable Healthcare Act

Call center agents for Covered California have been forewarned to brace themselves for the possibility of long hours, as they anticipate that there will be many calls in October, and they find it probable that most callers will require multiple calls to get enrolled.

AT&T Announces Plans to Hire Another 140 Kentuckians

AT&T officials have announced that they will be bringing 140 new jobs to their location in EastPark-a 1,000-acre industrial park in northeastern Kentucky that is home to Cintas, the Kentucky Department of Veteran's Affairs, Ashland Community and Technical College, and Ohio Valley Wholesale.

'Old-Timers' Still Have Something to Offer

Employers are starting realize that older employees have more going for them than most people think.

WorkFlex Solutions Introduces WorkFlex @Home

WorkFlex Solutions, a Cincinnati-based company specializing in SaaS-based workforce auto-optimization solutions for call centers, has introduced WorkFlex @Home, a product specifically designed to automate and optimize scheduling for part-time call center agents.

Next Round of Hiring: Consider the Virtual Job Fair

Businesses need to adapt to the changing times and take advantage of how people now live and work. One way the contact center can get in on the act is by reconsidering the job fair.

University of Cincinnati Invests $500,000 in Education at Work

Education at Work is a non-profit company that employs exclusively college students, who provide outsourced call center services and back-office services.

APAC Customer Services Hires 150 Temporary Workers in Sarasota

Any time that a company announces they are hiring 150 new employees, it's good news to job seekers, even if those positions are only temporary.

Salt Lake Call Center Hiring 150 People ASAP

With Obamacare officially taking effect on October 1, there are quite a few call centers that have been rushing about making sure that they have to staff to cover their impending needs.

Potential Hires Have an Expiration Date

Call centers need to realize that candidates are not just going to sit on their hands and wait for the company to give them a try. Sometimes this will happen, sure, but the best potential hires are going to have other opportunities.

Vision Financial Announces New Hiring Round

While quite a few of the call centers that have opened in the last few months have had a very Obamacare-centric look and feel to them, there are still businesses that want to expand their contact centers that don't have anything to do with health insurance.

Alorica Announces 75 New Call Center Jobs in North Sioux City

North Sioux City, home of South Dakota's large Alorica call center, is about to get even bigger-they have announced they are hiring for 75 new call center jobs.

Black Turtle Services Hiring 1,000 Utah Employees for New Call Center

Black Turtle Services Inc., announced it would be opening a new center in Davis County, Utah, bringing an additional 1,000 new jobs to downtown Layton.

Sound Telecom Appoints Edith Edgar as Call Center Manager

A state of the art call center is the backbone of customer service. Companies are leaving no stone unturned to upgrade their call centers both in terms of technology and skill sets of their employees.

Call Centers Face Some Backlash from Disgruntled Employees

As the demand for customer satisfaction at call centers increases, the unrealistic expectations of what a call center agent should be responsible for has also increased.

Call Center Jobs Causing Friction Between Florida and Tennessee Governors

Tennessee Gov. Steve Beshear has sent a letter to Florida Gov. Rick Scott saying he was not too happy about the way Scott is trying to woo call center companies in his state to come to Florida.

Providence Call Center Staffing Up in Preparation for ACA

HealthSource RI is a company that is going to be hiring 75 call center workers in order to gear up for the questions and concerns that are sure to follow once the ACA health-insurance exchange in the state is up and running full time.

Alta Resources Interviews Hundreds of Call Center Candidates in Fort Meyers

Last month we reported that Neenah, Wisconsin-based company Alta Resources would be hiring 500 new employees to work at their new call center in Fort Meyers, Florida. The call center, located at 12600 Gateway Boulevard, has now started the hiring process.

Covered California Offers Hope to Bank of America Call Center Workers

Bank of America, which has axed other call centers, is closing its Fresno call center this month, putting 543 employees out of work. While that would usually represent a time of strife for all of the employees, their families, and the community at large, there is a silver lining to this call center closing.

Call Centers Open in Spain with Hopes of Boosting Economy

Spain has been working hard to increase its economy and bring back some good paying jobs. The country, which has been taking advantage of outsourcing its call centers to cheaper nations for years, will now begin to open local centers.

Sykes Enterprises Expands Call Center Workforce

Sykes Enterprises, Inc., is beefing up its workforce in its new Eugene, Ore., office. The Florida-based company is hiring customer service representatives and anticipates a workforce of about 440 employees in its new downtown Eugene call center within the next year.

StarTek Call Center Looking to Add More Staff

While there have been some recent reports over the last few months that have showed companies are moving away from call center staffing, it appears that there are some companies that are going against the grain to great success.

Alorica Looking to Hire New Call Center Staff

While there are some companies that believe call centers are becoming a thing of the past, there are others that are looking to take advantage of those beliefs. Alorica is one company that is looking to actually add staff thanks in large part to a new client they believe will drive the need for long-term additional staffing.

Alta Resources Hires 500 for New Fort Meyers Call Center

Neenah, Wisconsin-based Alta Resources will be expanding to somewhere decidedly sunnier, bringing 500 new jobs to Fort Meyers, Florida. Their new office, the 63,275 square foot space that formerly was the home to Gartner Inc., will be located at 12600 Gateway Boulevard.

Hobart Call Center Plans to Hire Up to 400 New Employees

Hobart, Indiana, job seekers may be able to end their search soon: over the next one to two months, a local call center will be adding between 300 and 400 employees to their roster. Hobart Mayor Brian Snedecor told that Teleperformance Americall's announcement is "not only good for the city but good for the region, since this will provide jobs for the entire region."

The City Of Hermiston Proposes One Dispatch Center for Eastern Oregon

Hermiston, a small city in Oregon's Umatilla County, is on its way to overhauling the current ways police do business in this region. Aimed at saving money and lives, the move calls for the introduction of one emergency dispatch center for the entire Eastern Oregon region.

Sky Deploys a Combined Workforce Optimization Solution from NICE and Silver Lining

Workforce optimization (WFO) solutions and skills management strategic solutions play a key role in increasing the return on investment (ROI) of a business, as these solutions enhance customer service.

One Hundred Call Center Jobs Coming to Batavia, NY

Premiere Credit of North America, in a bit of good news for New York State, has announced that it will be adding 100 jobs to its call center in Batavia. The debt collection agency opened the call center a little over a year ago with only 50 employees, and due to the massive increase in hiring that it's soon to see, will be renovating and expanding the building that the center is located in.

Aegis Adding More Than 5,000 Call Center Jobs This Year

The contact center in the modern business world is a complex problem. There are some companies and agencies that are staffing up, while other companies are looking to cut staff here and there in order to save money. The secret to really knowing which ways the contact center trends are going seems to depend quite a bit on need. Some companies are looking to hire up because they are rolling out a new product or they are rolling out some sort of new service.

HireIQ Helps Great VirtualWorks Accelerate IBO Staffing Process

Great VirtualWorks has chosen to deploy InterviewIQ, a virtual interviewing solution from HireIQ. Great VirtualWorks aims to extend its budding network of Independent Business Owners or IBOs with the help of InterviewIQ.

Rhode Island Commissions Health Benefits Exchange and Call Center

Rhode Island has commissioned HealthSource RI, the health benefits exchange for the general public and small enterprises to buy and sell health insurance plans. A call center was also launched simultaneously, which will be operated by UnitedHealth Group through its subsidiary, Connextions. HealthSource RI will have 16 healthcare plans on offer for small businesses and 12 options for individuals. The call center will start operations on September 1 with around 75 employees.

Cloud-Based Hiring Software the Future

I read recently that Sitel, a leading global customer care provider, is expanding its customer care call center in St. Catharines, Ontario. But its process for selecting applicants got me thinking: Why were they not using software-as-a-service (SaaS) to streamline the hiring process?

Streator Call Center Hiring Gets a Boost with WellCare Health Plans

Good news for job seekers in Streator! More call center hiring is on your way. The latest to announce call center jobs in Streator is WellCare Health Plans.

Hyrell Enhances Online Hiring and Recruiting Solution

Online recruiting software solutions have simplified the hiring process in call centers and other types of organizations that recruit a large number of employees periodically.

Streator Call Center Hiring Gets a Boost with WellCare Health Plans

Good news for job seekers in Streator! More call center hiring is on your way. The latest to announce call center jobs in Streator is WellCare Health Plans.

Career Fairs Turned Virtual

Video conferencing has infiltrated the interview process, as organizations have found many perks to conducting "virtual" interviews, which has expanded the candidate spectrum vastly, removing distance as an obstacle. This trend is growing, as job seekers have moved further into the virtual space with the Michigan Economic Development Corp., who is teaming up with Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop on June 26, 2013 to host a virtual career job fair in the online space.