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Black Turtle Services Hiring 1,000 Utah Employees for New Call Center

August 29, 2013
  By , Contributing Writer

Employment seems to be booming in the customer service market as more companies continue to see the benefits of having an efficient call center. Just this week, Black Turtle Services Inc., announced it would be opening a new center in Davis County, Utah, bringing an additional 1,000 new jobs to downtown Layton.

Black Turtle Services Inc., is a provider of outsourced contact center services for government and commercial clients. “Black Turtle Services was created with the revolutionary idea of merging exceptional contact center outsourcing with a strong consultative approach,” said the contact center.

Black Turtle fulfills all aspects of a contact center from the transition of opening a new support center to continuous operations improvements. The company plans on opening a new center next month at 2195 University Park Blvd., with the plan of hiring 850 customer-service representatives that will get paid a starting salary of over $11 an hour, plus benefits and 150 management positions.

Layton economic development specialist, Kent G. Andersen, said this would give the area a nice boost. “This is terrific for the local economy,” said Anderson. “For this industry, this is an amazing salary and benefits opportunity for our local population.”

According to the state department’s website and the last reported census, Layton currently houses almost 70,000 residents and has seen an increase in population steadily since the 1940s. Since 2000, the population has increased almost 40 percent, so any additional employment is a great benefit for the area.

“The rising tide locally, raises the tide for the county,” said Anderson. “It is not the large businesses that are hiring; it is the small to medium-size businesses creating much of the job market.”

Black Turtle said all of the available positions are full time and shifts are weekday between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. – with no overnight or weekend shifts. Anyone interested in applying for the new position can visit:

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