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Recruitment Creates Challenges for Some Management Groups

January 10, 2013
  By Gary Santos, Call Center Hiring Contributing Writer

Selecting good candidates is the number-one priority in the field of human resources. According to a survey by Harris Allied, there is a large number of employees who believe unmatched skills and person retention are two common problems.

“Middle management faces real challenges in terms of tracking candidates with technical proficiency,” said Kathy Harris, director at Harris Allied. Offering attractive salaries and benefits are still the best solutions for headhunters today.

In some major companies, attrition rates are always observed, since losing more people in the workforce really affects the entire business.

There are reports that show the possibility of company owners having more flexible hours in the near future.

The increased work hours are not good anymore. Extended hours in a day may cause other workers to be unproductive, and may have a decision to resign at a later time. In this case, these people will be added to the current level of attrition.

One good advantage of other managers is that they know when and how to offer the opportunity. Finding the right match is always equivalent to the right set of skills. In addition, everything gets better, especially when there are longer vacation and sick leaves. Some professionals are really eyeing for these nowadays.

Offering other exciting benefits is a good strategy for HR professionals to attract more qualified candidates. We must admit that there are employees who are after the promotion, and this is really unavoidable in some scenarios. The retention of workers can be a difficult job for middle management, but of course anything has a remedy. Finding the most effective methods to train and recruit will allow every company to survive in the middle of a competition.

Sometimes, knowing something nobody else does gives you an edge.

Harris Allied is a company responsible for helping middle management groups regarding HR strategies in order to get the best talent. 

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Edited by Braden Becker