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FurstPerson Incumbent Workforce Analysis Improves Contact Center Performance

May 08, 2008
  By Susan J. Campbell, Call Center Hiring Contributing Editor

Within the contact center industry, managers have a variety of challenges when it comes to effectively managing the workforce. This particular industry is wrought with high attrition, labor pools lacking adequate skills, poor training for current agents, increasing pressures to improve service delivery while lowering costs, and so much more. With so many things to worry about, how can the average contact center manager be effective?

One of the best ways to measure the effectiveness of the contact center manager is to measure the effectiveness of the contact center agents. Such a process will also help the contact center manager to effectively evaluate the agents skills and determine whether or not he or she is being trained based on current skills and ability to perform the job.
The FurstPerson Incumbent Workforce Analysis is a customized solution that is designed to be a systematic method to help the contact center manager to objectively evaluate the skills of the current contact center staff. The results of this assessment provides a clear picture as to what skills the current staff possess and where improvements can be made.
When the contact center manager more clearly understands the skills of a current contact center agent, the better equipped he or she will be to train the agent based on their abilities and job requirements. In addition, skills that are apparent with top performing agents can be considered and valued when recruiting new agents. 

When implemented within the contact center setting, the Incumbent Workforce Analysis can also be used to not only identify skills of top performers, but also the skills that are lacking in poor performers. The contact center manager can identify the training needs of current agents by highlighting their strengths and development areas.
The solution can also enable the contact center manager to benchmark agents against an industry sample to gain an idea of how they compare across the industry. The solution also provides the ability to obtain information using an objective third-party and validated methodology.

To provide the contact center with needed information on agent performance, the Incumbent Workforce Analysis solution provides contact center management with discussion about specific job requirements. It also provides a validated, Web-based assessment test for agents.
The solution will compare the results of the assessment test against job requirements to identify gaps, as well as benchmark results against an industry sample. Conclusions and recommendations are then presented to contact center management so that they can improve the overall performance of the contact center. In doing so, the contact center will be better positioned to promote effective and efficient operations.
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Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for TMC (News - Alert) and has also written for Market Drive News. To see more of her articles, please visit Susan J. Campbell’s columnist page.