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AT&T Hiring 70 Employees for Call Center and Retail Sales in Missouri

AT&T has announced it is launching a new hiring round at its call center in order to find retail sales and call center representatives in the Springfield, MO, area.

Qualifon Opens Call Center in Texas

While there are some communities that are having to deal with a call center in their area shutting down, other towns are welcoming a business that is looking to add to its workforce.

Direct Energy Set to Establish a Call Center in Ohio

A post from The Business Journals websitesays that Direct Energy is seeking to build a new call center in the Dayton, OH, area.

Call Center Hiring is Picking Up

Call center jobs are back in the US after almost a decade of outsourcing to low-cost destinations such as India and the Philippines, as U.S. companies now understand the importance of customer interaction.

Verizon Wireless Announces 260 New Call Center Jobs in Arizona

One of America's largest wireless service providers, VerizonWireless, has announced that it will soon open up 225 customer service positions in Phoenix-area stores and the company's Chandler call center.

NOVO 1 Hiring 135 for Call Center Jobs in Michigan

NOVO 1, an inbound and outbound call center with workforces located in Michigan, Montana, Texas and Wisconsin, is looking to hire more people.

Sacramento Call Center Market Seeing a Boost

The call center market can be a fickle one, but in quite a few locations around the country, it appears that call center hiring is actually on the upswing.

Comcast to Hire More Call Center Employees in Attempt to Retain Customers

Facing increasing competition from Internet-based television content providers like Hulu and Netflix, Comcast Corp. is adding more call center employees to focus on improving its customer retention efforts.

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